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April 2005

   alxBASE Library v068 - has been completely rewritten, now it can be used without MFC. The parser is rewritten. Errors are corrected. Support NULL of fields and binary memo fields is added. Work with memory is optimized. But not all opportunities present in the previous versions, are transferred in new version: a filtration of records, updating structure of tables, etc. Now it's in work.

November 2002

   The version ALXGrid Control Library 1.3 has appeared (VC7 support, select cell range, ...) and utility DBFNavigator 2.0, DBFRead - czech version.

October 2002

   The version alxBase 1.0a3 has appeared. The opportunity of search and installation of the filter with use of expression of the condition transmitted as string is added.

April 2002

   Appeared the new version ALXGrid 1.3a2 (VC7 support, select cell range, ...). Second alfa version of alxBase. Second betta version DBFNavigator.

March 2002

   Appeared the utilities DBFNavigator - for view and edit DBF files.

October 2001

   Appeared the utilities NSXView - for view structure HiPer-SIx index files (SuccessWare Database Engine (SDE), nowadays belongs to Vista Software) and NSXDump - DOS utility. Are laid out also source code of these utilities.

September 2001

  Created online documentation for ALXGrid Control (chm format).

August 2001

  The design is completely updated. Appeared the first versions of the utilities: IDXView, MDXView, NDXView and NTXView. The first test version of library alxBASE has appeared. The error in the utility DBFRead is corrected.

July 2001

  The error connected with irregular map of fields checkbox in Windows 2000 is corrected (has appeared patch for ALXGrid ver 1.25, is updated patch for ALXGrid ver 1.2 and reparations to the utility DBFRead).

April 2001

  The new version of library ALXGrid 1.25 and 1.25e (English Edition) is published. The new possibilities are connected to sorting of rows and change output of columns. They are demonstrated in an sample: Grid&Sort .

March 2001
  The new version of utility DBFRead - 1.2 is published. The opportunities of searching for are extended, the function of a printing is modified, the opportunity to hide separate fields and to change the order of their.
February 2001
  The new version of library ALXGrid 1.2 is published. Support of opportunity to redefine colour of a background, text and borders of separate cells.
December 2000
  The utility for viewing DBF of files has appeared. Support of all versions from dBase up to Visual FoxPro. Viewing memo fields.
November 2000
  The new version of library ALXGrid 1.1 is published. The class for support of dynamic splitters and the master of construction of application are in it. The documentation is updated.
September 2000
  Now there is a work above the new version of library (1.01). In it the new class "a dynamic splitters of a grid " will appear. The test version in the near future will be accessible and you can take part in testing.

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